Blair Bobier has been a member of the Oregon State Bar since 1988. He is an advocate for the civil and constitutional rights of all people regardless of their status or income. 

Mr. Bobier represents individuals, families, charter schools, non-profit organizations, community groups, activists and political parties.  He drafts wills, contracts, trusts and other documents needed by friends, neighbors and clients.  Mr. Bobier has also represented hundreds of clients in criminal cases over the last twenty five years.

Blair Bobier graduated with honors from the Lewis & Clark Law School in Portland.  He is a member of the State and Federal bars and has appeared before the Circuit and District Courts of Oregon, the Oregon Court of Appeals, the Oregon Land Use Board of Appeals and the Oregon Employment Appeals Board. 

Mr. Bobier’s criminal law practice emphasizes the importance of upholding everyone’s civil and constitutional rights.  Although most people are well aware of the Free Speech rights of the First Amendment, some of our most important constitutional guarantees - including the rights to privacy and due process - are protected in the practice of criminal law.

Mr. Bobier also works with community groups who want to organize and operate as non-profit, tax-exempt organizations.

Blair Bobier works with charter schools in many phases of their creation and development.  Mr. Bobier supports charter schools as ways to diversify and democratize the education of our children.

In addition to his legal practice, Blair Bobier is known for his pioneering work in election reform and political campaigns.  He works as a campaign consultant and public interest lobbyist and has participated in landmark legal cases affecting the election process.  Mr. Bobier is also an author whose writing has appeared in dozens of newspapers across the country and a public speaker who has been featured at conferences, on college campuses and on National Public Radio.